Lottery No. 175 Closing: 16 Dec 2018

Drawn: 20 Dec 2018

Call to order tickets 1800 773 678

A Message From Our CEO

As we round out 2018, I would like to sincerely thank you for your support of The Deaf Lottery Australia and of Australia’s Deaf and hard of hearing community this year.

2018 has been a year of growth and evolution for Deaf Services as we improve and expand our service offering for the community. This growth would not be possible without The Deaf Lottery and our dedicated supporters. This year, The Deaf Lottery has enabled Deaf Services to deliver exciting new projects to the community, including:

  • Launching the Auslan Hubs project – delivering community outreach across Queensland through video-link kiosks as well as greater opportunities for telepractice services.
  • The development of Auslan Connections+, our new state-of-the-art interpreter booking platform, which gives our interpreters, Deaf clients, and organisations better control and certainty in regards to their interpreting bookings.
  • Growth across our Hear for Kids program through increased Hear for Kids in School services and service delivery in Townsville and Mackay for Deaf children and their families.

In addition, Deaf Services continues to provide more courses in Australian Sign Language (Auslan) than ever before, allowing all Australians to learn and appreciate Auslan and communicate with our community.

Finally, our supporters will notice a small but important change in our organisation’s name. In August, Deaf Services Queensland officially changed our name to Deaf Services. This change reflects our vision: to be recognised as the prominent provider of end-to-end services to Deaf and hard of hearing Australians across all age groups.

This is only a small summary of our achievements over the past 12 months, and the new-look Deaf Services is poised to deliver more in 2019 with your support. Thank you.

Brett Casey
Deaf Services