Lottery No. 185 Closing: 17 May 2020

Drawn: 21 May 2020

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A gift in a will

Would you like to make a lasting statement about your values?

Including a gift to Deaf Services in your will ensures we can continue to deliver on our vision of individuals and the community empowered connected and achieving. 

A bequest to Deaf Services can be directed in any way you see fit, supporting a service, a goal or a particular concern that is meaningful to you. 

Members of the Deaf Services extended family, including members of the community, families, and Deaf Lottery supporters have pledged their gift to Deaf and hard of hearing Australians and provided opportunities for them to achieve their full potential through a bequest. 

Individuals and families have left lasting statements through bequests directed to supporting:

  • Hear for Kids; directly supporting early intervention programs for Deaf and hard of hearing children as well as support for their families. 
  • Deaf Services’ dedicated age care service Ageing Well, focusing on healthy ageing for Deaf seniors. 
  • The ongoing development of our Indigenous Communication Program (ICP) and engagement with Deaf and hard of hearing Indigenous Australians within their own communities. 
  • Greater technology options, ensuring Deaf Services can investigate and implement innovative solutions to providing interpreters all over Australia.
  • The growth of sign language education and corporate training in Deafness awareness – aimed at helping to build communication bridges between Deaf and hearing Australians. 

If you have any questions about how you can leave the Deaf community a gift in your will, contact

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