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Drawn: 29 Mar 2018

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Celebrating Deaf culture and your contributions during 2017

Your generosity not only helped us to improve our current programs but also allowed us to implement new services to empower and connect the Deaf and hard of hearing community. There is no greater example of how your support helped bring together the Deaf community, than the successful launch of our first ever Deaf Services Art Show. 

Held during the National Week of Deaf People, your support allowed us to host the 2017 Deaf Services Art Show, which aimed to celebrate the artistic talents of Deaf and hard of hearing community members. Your support brought together Deaf community members from around Australia and empowered Deaf individuals to share their story and talents with others. 

The art show was the perfect platform for Deaf and hard of hearing people to tell their story and celebrate the importance of Deaf culture in Australia. Thank you for your support in helping encourage Deaf and hard of hearing artists achieve their goals.