Lottery No. 185 Closing: 17 May 2020

Drawn: 21 May 2020

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General FAQs

Payment FAQs

  • Is ordering from the Deaf Lottery website secure?

    Your personal security is of upmost importance to us. When you purchase tickets from The Deaf Lottery Australia, your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. SSL encryption is the industry standard, and is the same encryption technology used by banks.

    We do not keep your Credit Card details on our servers. Rather, the information is passed directly to our banking institution when your ticket order is processed.

    The Deaf Lottery Australia is a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliant company. We are audited regularly to ensure that we abide by strict data security standards so we can continue to maintain this security level within the industry.

  • What are my payment options?

    Deaf Lottery Australia supporters have a number of payment options. Tickets can be purchased easily online, over the phone with one of our friendly team (1800 773 678) or in-person from our ticket sellers at shopping centres and events. Your payment options include:

    • Credit Card/Debit Card (buy tickets here)
    • Direct Debit (download an order form here)
    • Cheque or Money Order (download an order form here)
  • Do you have PayPal?

    We are always evaluating alternative payment options of which PayPal is one, but currently the costs of its administration outweigh the direct benefit to the community we represent. Our primary focus is raising funds to support and empower Deaf and hard of hearing Australians and currently PayPal does not allow us to do this.

    Should you not wish to use our secure credit card facility, you can also buy tickets using Direct Debit, Cheque, Money Order or in person from our Shopping Centre ticket sellers.

Prize Option FAQs

  • How long do I have to decide on which Prize Option I wish to choose?

    Winners have 10 days from the Draw date to advise which Prize Option they wish to take.

  • If I win Gold Bullion, what are my options?

    When you win Gold Bullion, you have several options:

    • Sell all of the Gold Bullion to claim its value in cash
    • Sell some of the Gold Bullion for its cash worth and keep the remainder as an investment
    • Take possession of the physical Gold Bullion
    • Store the Gold Bullion for use at a later date

    *Please note that gold selling costs and market variations may apply when selling the Gold Bullion.

Technical FAQs

Ticket FAQs

  • Are Deaf Lottery tickets tax deductible?

    Under current Australian government taxation legislation, the purchase of Lottery tickets is not tax deductible, as the purchaser has the opportunity to win something in return. Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. Should you wish to support Deaf and hard of hearing Australians in this way, please do so here.

  • Can I still buy a Lottery ticket if I live overseas?

    We welcome overseas ticket purchases and we have a number of expatriates who order our tickets. There are no restrictions in purchasing Lottery tickets from us. However, it is your sole responsibility to check with your own country's laws/regulations prior to making a ticket purchase.  It is also important to note, that all of our tickets are sold in Australian Dollars (AUD). We are therefore unable to accept payment made in foreign currency.

  • Can I buy a ticket from anywhere in Australia?

    We welcome supporters from anywhere in Australia.

  • How do I receive my tickets?

    Tickets are sent to the email address you provided us at the time of purchase. If you would prefer to receive your tickets by mail only, please advise us by contacting or 1800 773 678.

  • How many tickets do you sell per Lottery?

    The total number of tickets available for sale in a Draw varies from Lottery to Lottery. To view the available tickets in the current Lottery visit our Terms & Conditions page.

  • How much are your tickets?

    Tickets are $2 each and are sold in books of $10, $20, $30, $50, $100 and $200. Any supporter purchasing a book of $20 or more is automatically eligible for a bonus Book Buyer Prize which instantly boosts their 1st Prize winnings. For example, a $100 Book adds $30,000 in extra Gold Bullion to the 1st Prize value!

  • What is The Early Bird Draw?

    The Early Bird Draw consists of $10,000 in Bonus Prizes. To be eligible, simply purchase $20 or more in consecutive tickets before the Early Bird Close Date. 

  • I cannot download my emailed Lottery tickets?

    Your email will include a button saying DOWNLOAD YOUR TICKETS. Clicking this will allow you to download your official Deaf Lottery ticket, which will include your ticket numbers. This ticket can be saved to your computer for your records.

    If you cannot see this button in your email, you may need to click the message near the top of your opened email saying Display Images/Pictures Below. Alternatively, click the message at the top of the email saying Can’t See This Email View Online

    To ensure you see all emails from The Deaf Lottery Australia please add to your address book.

  • Is it possible for me to choose my own ticket numbers?

    Unfortunately not. The Deaf Lottery Australia utilises an automatic ticket number allocation program when distributing tickets to supporters. As such, particular tickets numbers cannot be chosen. 

VIP Club Membership FAQs

  • How do I change or cancel my VIP Club Membership?

    As a valued Deaf Lottery VIP Club Member, you can update or cancel your VIP status at any time. Simply email or 1800 773 678 to discuss your options.

  • How do I become a VIP Club Member?

    It’s free to become a VIP! Simply order five or more tickets in each Deaf Lottery Draw through Credit card or Direct Debit or pay in advance for three or more consecutive Lotteries through cheque or money order.

    • Online: Go here, follow the prompts and tick Yes, I would like to join the VIP Club
    • Phone:  1800 773 678 and ask one of our friendly team members how you can join the VIP Club
    • Post: Complete a Mail Order Form and specify you would like to join the VIP Club or complete a Direct Debit Form and specify an ongoing payment of $20 or more.
  • What is the Deaf Lottery VIP Club and what are the benefits?

    The Deaf Lottery VIP Club rewards your loyalty to Deaf and hard of hearing Australians by giving you a range of free benefits including instant access to over $500,000 in Bonus Prizes every year!

    As a VIP Club Member, you will receive guaranteed tickets in every Lottery, as well as instant eligibility for over $500,000 in exclusive VIP Prizes each year, including:

    • $20,000 Gold Bullion VIP 1st Prize Draw
    • $10,000 Cash VIP 2nd Prize Draw
    • $5,000 Cash VIP 3rd Prize Draw
    • 5 x $1000 Cash VIP Weekly Prize Draws every single week of every single Lottery!

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