Lottery No. 166 Closing: 27 Aug 2017

Drawn: 31 Aug 2017

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Paving the way for the next generation of Deaf and hard of hearing mentors

The Hear For You counselling program would not be possible without highly trained, committed and passionate mentors. Your generous support of the Deaf Lottery Australia has directly funded the sponsorship of several Hear For You mentors to attend a world-class mentor training camp to help shape the lives of the next generation.

Melbourne-based mentor James applauded the high-quality training he and his peers received at the camp. "We learnt how to support teenagers in today's society and received fantastic insights into the issues facing the youth today, especially around bullying and social interactions." 

The group also received life coach training and Amy, a mentor of 2 years, said the experience was enlightening and informative. "I now feel confident that I can give reliable advice and guidance, and feel positive doing so. This camp has been the most enriching experience of my life and I believe the next generation of Deaf teenagers will greatly benefit from the skills we have learnt."

The group has returned to the Hear For You program with new found confidence, knowledge and skills to help the next generation of Deaf and hard of hearing teenagers. Vital training such as this would not be possible without your support of the Deaf Lottery Australia. Thank you.

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