Lottery No. 163 Closing: 02 Apr 2017

Drawn: 06 Apr 2017

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A father shares his daughter’s ‘Hear For You’ journey

“I am a proud father to my beautiful 16 year old daughter Olivia, who has had severe hearing loss since birth. Fortunately, she has been able to use hearing aids for most of her life; however her journey has been far from smooth. She has experienced challenges, but over the past few years I have witnessed Olivia improve dramatically after every ‘Hear For You’ workshop.”

“She has met many new like-minded friends, has found a new confidence, improved her schooling and isn’t embarrassed of her hearing loss anymore. My once self-conscious and secluded 16 year old daughter is now a bubbly and outgoing young woman, all because of ‘Hear For You’”.

“The ‘Hear For You’ team is full of amazing mentors and gives Deaf teenagers like my daughter, hope and confidence to strive to achieve her goals. Your support of the Deaf Lottery has gone a long way in positively shaping my daughter’s future and the future of many other Deaf teenagers. With your support of the Deaf Lottery, important initiatives such as this can continue to be delivered. Thank you”.

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