Lottery No. 163 Closing: 02 Apr 2017

Drawn: 06 Apr 2017

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Helping shape the future of Deaf children

Toowong State School is one of the oldest bilingual public schools in Queensland with a unique program in which Deaf and hearing students learn side-by-side in the classroom with hearing and signing teachers. The school has been providing priceless opportunities for years to children who experience learning challenges simply because they cannot hear.  Your support of the Deaf Lottery has allowed us to provide sponsorship of the Toowong State School’s recent “Hands and Hearts festival”. 

This festival showcased performances by talented signing and bilingual students and featured food from around the world.  Money raised at the event has allowed the school to improve learning facilities, resources and materials to better help Deaf and hard of hearing students learn.

Your support has gone a long way in positively shaping the futures of Deaf children. With your support of the Deaf Lottery, important initiatives such as this, which connect and empower the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community, can continue to be delivered.