Lottery No. 171 Closing: 20 May 2018

Drawn: 24 May 2018

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Changing the lives of Deaf teenagers

When you support our Lottery, you help Hear For You positively influence the lives of Victorian Deaf and hard of hearing teenagers. Currently Hear For You is providing workshops to educate teens on social media safety and cyberbullying.  

Many Deaf teenagers are positively embracing social media to chat with friends, play games, share news and engage in conversations about their interests. As many know the internet can be an unsafe environment, but the Hear For You team is tackling this problem by openly talking to their participants about tactics to overcome cyberbullying. Teens are invited to discuss social media safety and respecting others (especially vulnerable groups), and to develop tactics to ensure they are safe while online. Importantly, these eye-opening sessions provide teens with an opportunity to share their experiences in their language, Auslan. 

Workshops on social media safety are not commonly delivered to the Deaf and hard of hearing community and your support is helping us ensure every Deaf teenager is safe on social media. Thank you.

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