Lottery No. 162 Closing: 12 Feb 2017

Drawn: 16 Feb 2017

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‘Hear For You’ Helps Transform Lives!

"I am Jackson, I'm 15 years old and I have been deaf/hearing impaired since I was born. So far High School and life has been good to me, my family are my rock and thanks to ‘Hear For You’ I am managing much better at my High School.  However every day at school and after school I've had to deal with situations all the time."

"Many people cannot relate to being deaf, so they have no idea what it is like. Being able to share with other deaf people my age is really important. ‘Hear For You’ helped me get confidence and talk to these people, but not just deaf but hearing people as well."

‘Hear For You’ is not only a mentoring program, it changes lives, gives Deaf teenagers hope and a vision to strive for their dreams.  Your support through the Deaf Lottery ensures that young people like Jackson are given a chance to experience more inclusive life within the community.  For more information visit