Lottery No. 166 Closing: 27 Aug 2017

Drawn: 31 Aug 2017

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Winners are Grinners

Jane* from Redland Bay in South East Queensland will never hesitate to pick up the phone again after receiving the phone call that changed their life! 

We caught up with our Lottery 162 1st Prize winner and asked her to recount the day she was told she had won $600,000. This is what Jane had to say:

“Winning $600,000 is breath-taking. The phone call I received from David, the Deaf Lottery Manager, literally took my breath away."

"I remember debating with my husband over who would answer the phone because we receive so many phone calls throughout the day. Ultimately, my husband picked up the phone and was getting ready to say ‘sorry, can you please call back another time’ to whoever was on the other end, but thankfully he handed me the phone instead. I couldn’t believe him; I think David must have thought I hung up on him because I took so long to answer. I remember asking him to repeat himself several times and then I believe I told David that I love him - he did just tell me I had won $600,000!"

"If you told me when I began supporting the Deaf and hard of hearing community through The Deaf Lottery eight years ago, that I would one day be a 1st Prize winner, I would not believe you! My husband and I are both pensioners with a large mortgage, so we chose the Mortgage Buster Option and the first thing we will do is pay off our home and start living a more comfortable and stress-free life. Of course we are planning on spoiling the grandchild and taking our kids on an overdue family holiday to Europe."

"My husband and I would like to thank The Deaf Lottery not only for the wonderful surprise and $600,000 but also for allowing us to support such a worthy cause for the past eight years.”

*Name changed to maintain winner’s anonymity. 

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