Lottery No. 172 Closing: 08 Jul 2018

Drawn: 12 Jul 2018

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Your support is changing the lives of Deaf teenagers

Your support of our Lottery helps Hear For You positively impact and influence the lives of Deaf and hard of hearing teenagers. The Hear For You mentors and participants recently reflected on how the program helped them grow as young adults. 

The most common outcome for the teens was overcoming social anxiety. Through workshops, many participants improved their confidence in social settings and felt empowered to initiate conversations and engage with new people. Others reflected on how the program helped them learn new skills to prepare for the workforce and ongoing study, such as university. For many, jobs and university seemed unobtainable due to low confidence and limited use of Auslan (Australian Sign Language) in the workforce, resulting in anxiety and discouragement. 

Fortunately, the Hear for You team has inspired teens to set goals, overcome barriers and strive to achieve their dreams!  This is just one way the Hear For You team has empowered Deaf and hard of hearing teenagers.

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