Lottery No. 164 Closing: 21 May 2017

Drawn: 25 May 2017

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Getaway Lifestyle

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Prize Option 3:  Enjoy the Thrill of Adventure!

Enjoy the thrill of adventure with your choice of motorhome or caravan and 4WD valued at a massive $600,000.  The choice could be all yours!  

-    $80,000 minimum deposit and up to… 
-    $500,000 Gold Bullion 
-    $20,000 Cash 

Is the AVIDA ‘Longreach’ motorhome your dream machine?

The ‘Longreach’ offers a level of comfort, convenience and class unlike any other and is perfect for those extended trips or a new life on the road.  This luxury model features spacious and comfortable living quarters, slide-outs to enhance the living experience, a well-equipped kitchen with a range of whitegoods and electricals, a large bedroom and so much more!  Visit for more details.

OR choose your own motorhome/caravan and 4WD with up to $500,000 Gold Bullion and $20,000 Cash. 

Prize value: $600,000

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