Lottery No. 167 Closing: 15 Oct 2017

Drawn: 19 Oct 2017

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Design Your Own Lifestyle

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Prize Option 4:
Live the life of your dreams, your way!

A $600,000 Lottery WIN could help you create your dream lifestyle any way you please. Whether it’s discovering your passion for travel, fulfilling your lifelong dream of becoming a luxury car owner, feeling financially secure or living the nomad life in your new motorhome. No matter what your passion is, we have the Prize for you.

Example Prize Package:

  • $80,000 minimum to spend on motor vehicles, motorhomes, trucks, marine craft, caravans or campers, motorbikes, farm machinery or MasterCard Debit Cards and up to...
  • $500,000 maximum Gold Bullion; and
  • $20,000 maximum Cash 

Need some inspiration? How about a Canadian escape? Start by exploring Canada’s most iconic landmark, Niagara Falls on an evening boat tour, then discover the natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies by canoe before making your final stop at Whistler for a quick ski. Doesn’t sound quite like your thing? Then handcraft your own dream 1st Prize with $600,000 at your disposal.

Prize value: $600,000

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