Lottery No. 185 Closing: 17 May 2020

Drawn: 21 May 2020

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Design Your Own Lifestyle

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Prize Option 4: Watch your dreams become reality

Recline luxuriously as a world-class cruise liner ferries you from port to port. With this $650,000 1st Prize, you’ll bask in the Mediterranean sun, explore the fairy-tale castles of the British Isles, and share wine over the Venetian canals – all with a luxury cabin at your beck and call.

If another destination has your eye, then design your own 1st Prize with $650,000 at your fingertips!

Example Prize Package (Maximum Prize Money):

  • $80,000 minimum toward motor vehicles, motorhomes, trucks, marine craft, caravans or campers, motorbikes and farm machinery and up to…
  • $550,000 maximum Gold Bullion*
  • $20,000 maximum Cash*

*Total Gold and Cash value dependent on the value of selected Prizes

Prize value: $650,000

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