Lottery No. 185 Closing: 17 May 2020

Drawn: 21 May 2020

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Mortgage Buster Lifestyle

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Prize Option 2: Discover a life of financial freedom

Take the wheel as you reap the rewards of this $650,000 Lottery WIN. The Porsche 911 Carrera GTS Cabriolet is just waiting for your foot on the pedal, drawing eyes with its sporty exterior and twin turbo under the hood.

You could transform those dreams into reality with $650,000 in your pocket. Along with a Prize car in the garage, you’ll have the Gold Bullion and Cash to cut down that mortgage, spruce up the house, or travel the world at your leisure. With just one WIN, the choice could be yours!

Example Prize Package (Maximum Prize Money):

  • $30,000 minimum for car/s of your choice and up to… 
  • $600,000 maximum Gold Bullion*
  • $20,000 maximum Cash*

*Total value of Gold and Cash dependent on how much you want to spend on your dream car/s


If the Porsche isn’t for you, choose your own dream car/s with up to a maximum of $600,000 Gold Bullion and $20,000 Cash!

Prize value: $650,000

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