Lottery No. 176 Closing: 03 Feb 2019

Drawn: 07 Feb 2019

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We caught up with some of our latest 1st Prize winners . . .

Lottery 173 | Capalaba, Queensland | Total Prize Amount $665,000

Many of us screen our phone calls (especially with unusual numbers), and our Lottery 173 1st Prize winner was no exception! After a few false starts, Jillian* from Capalaba finally received our call – and some life-changing news.

As the Major Draw winner, Jillian had won a mind-blowing $650,000 1st Prize. Plus, thanks to her $20 ticket book, she was able to take home an extra $15,000. That’s a total Prize Pool of $665,000!

‘Oh my god, my heart’s just pounding. You’ve made my day,’ she managed to say, once the news had sunk in. ‘I’m sitting in the meeting room right now with my co-workers listening. I can’t believe it.’

Jillian revealed that she had seven weeks of long service leave approaching – and now, thanks to The Deaf Lottery, her options are wide open.

‘Where am I going to go?’ she exclaimed.

On top of Jillian’s ground-breaking WIN, 179 other Supporters also won a Prize in Draw 173. Don’t forget: by supporting The Deaf Lottery Australia, you can enjoy More Prizes and More Choice with every ticket!

Lottery 172 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Hendra, Queensland | Total Prize Amount $665,000

Some things are worth the wait. After a handful of missed calls, we finally managed to contact Mary* from Hendra with the news of a lifetime.

As our 1st Prize winner, Mary had won a mind-blowing $650,000 1st Prize. On top of that, her $20 ticket purchase led to an additional $15,000 Book Buyer Prize. That’s a total of $665,000 in Prizes!

‘You’ve just made my Thursday. Actually, I think you’ve made my life,’ she told us after the initial shock. ‘I’m speechless. You have a lifelong supporter of the Deaf Lottery.’

To add to the excitement, Mary had taken the winning phone call in front of her entire office. Among excited whispers in the background, she told us, ‘I tell you what, I’ve got a good reason to be missing my three o’clock meeting!’

After surprising her husband with the news, our winner has a brand new car on the way and extra spending money for the future.

Keep your eyes on the Prize: Mary wasn’t the only one to WIN in Draw 172! Another 179 Supporters took home Prizes in this Lottery. Remember: with over 100 Prizes to be won in each Draw, you can enjoy More Prizes and More Choice with every ticket.

Lottery 171 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Corrimal, New South Wales | Total Prize Amount $675,000

It took a few tries to get our Lottery 171 winner on the phone, but one thing’s for sure: the wait was worth it! An ordinary missed call turned into the WIN of a lifetime for Julie* from Corrimal, who took home our $650,000 1st Prize. Plus, thanks to a $30 ticket purchase, she won an additional $25,000 Book Buyer Prize!

There’s never a bad moment to find out you’ve won $675,000, but for Julie, the news came at the perfect time. Our Lottery winner was absolutely stunned as we offered her the choice of four 1st Prize Options, eventually choosing the life-changing Mortgage Buster Lifestyle.

With a shiny new RAV4 on the way and a nest egg for the future, Julie is thrilled to be able to help out her family, and looks forward to spending quality time with loved ones.

Julie wasn’t the only one with a WIN in Draw 171! The good news just kept coming, with 184 other Supporters also winning Prizes in this Lottery. That’s what makes our Lotteries so unique; there are over 100 Prizes to be won each Draw with More Prizes and More Choice.

Lottery 170 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Upper Coomera, Queesnland| Total Prize Amount $685,000

‘I just wanted to help everyone.’ These heart-warming words were what led Lisa* down the path to her $650,000 Lottery WIN. But that’s not all! On top of The Deaf Lottery Australia’s alluring 1st Prize, Lisa also scored an additional $35,000 Gold Bullion as a $50 Book Buyer.

To plenty of people, winning $685,000 in Prizes would be unimaginable. To Lisa, it was unbelievable! After we spilled the beans, all our Lottery 170 winner could think to say was, ‘Is this a wind up? Is this my husband?’

After being assured it was the real deal, the stunned nurse couldn’t believe her luck. Lisa has been supporting The Deaf Lottery Australia for a number of years, with the cause sitting very close to her own heart.

‘The reason I do this is because my daughter is Deaf and she wears a hearing aid. She struggled during primary school, but has been helped so much by the support available. I continue to support this because of her.’

Lisa and her husband are now the proud owners of a new Toyota Prado VX. With the remaining Prize value taken in Gold Bullion, the door has been opened to a well-deserved family holiday.

‘We have just saved enough money to send my daughter to England to see her grandparents. She doesn’t get to see them often. Maybe now we will all go over!’

While Lisa scored 1st Prize, she wasn’t the only supporter with a smile on their face! Another 179 participants walked away with minor Prizes in this Lottery!

Lottery 169 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Inverloch , Victoria | Total Prize Amount $705,000

Our Lottery 169 winner, Adam* did not believe us when we called to deliver the news about his $705,000 Lottery WIN. Adam had won our $650,000 1st Prize plus an additional $55,000 Book Buyer Prize, making him our biggest ever Lottery winner! Understandably he was speechless and his first words after hearing the amazing news had the Deaf Lottery team in stitches.

“How long do you think I can keep this from my wife?”

Adam had purchased his tickets while holidaying on the Gold Coast. He was walking through Marina Mirage shopping centre when he struck up a conversation with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

“I remember my friend and I were waiting for our families to decide where we were going to have lunch when a friendly young man asked if we would kindly support Hear for Kids, a program designed to support Deaf and hard of hearing children. We both thought nothing of it as we purchased a $200 book each and I had honestly forgotten about my ticket purchase altogether until this call. Never did I think I would win, I was happy to be supporting such a great cause.”

Adam and his wife decided to purchase a new 2018 Toyota Hilux Single Cab ute and are planning to pay off their mortgage and save the remainder of their winnings for their children's schooling.

Lottery 168 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Alpha, Queensland  | Total Prize Amount $685,000

Our Lottery 168 winner, Jenn* was spoilt for choice when she received a phone call from our Lottery Manager just before Christmas. She had just WON our $650,000 Christmas Lottery along with an additional $35,000 Book Buyer Prize. When we asked Jenn what she was going to do with her $685,000 windfall, her response was simple.

“My husband and I own a farm in rural Queensland, about six hours away from our home, and between supply runs and visiting my family who live on the coast, I can drive up to 21 hours a week. It just makes sense to invest our winnings in a reliable new car."

"We started supporting the Deaf Lottery when our first daughter was born, 21 years ago and never in my wildest dreams did I think we would win 1st Prize! We are so grateful that we have had this opportunity and can also give back to the Deaf and hard of hearing community.”

Opting to take our Mortgage Buster Option, Jenn and her family are now enjoying a new Holden Colorado 4x4 Dual Cab Ute, plus $635,000 left over to invest in their farm.

Imagine if you WON our next Lottery - how would you spend your winnings?

Lottery 167 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Dudley Park, Western Australia​ | Total Prize Amount $635,000

As a VIP Supporter since 2014, Abby* and her husband never thought they would be our next Lottery winners. The couple signed up for our VIP program when their family friends suggested supporting our Lottery.

“A good friend of ours had been supporting the Deaf Lottery for years since the birth of their first son who was born profoundly Deaf. We were lucky enough to see firsthand the amazing work the Deaf Lottery does for the Deaf community. We couldn’t be happier to support such a great cause.”

The couple WON our $600,000 Lifestyle Lottery along with an additional $35,000 Book Buyer Prize. When we asked Abby how they would spend their $635,000 windfall, her response was simple – an Australian adventure.

“Ever since we became empty nesters we have dreamed about buying a motorhome and exploring the Australian coast. Unfortunately, we have always put work first and that dream was pushed aside. I think we might start with exploring the Great Ocean Road and work our way up the New South Wales coast”

Imagine if you WON our Lifestyle Lottery – what would you do?

Lottery 166 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Templestowe, Victoria​ | Total Prize Amount $655,000

Scott* our Lottery 166 winner always receives phone calls on his commute home from work. Usually, he ignores them but having just purchased a new handsfree car speakerphone he decided to give it a try. Lucky he did because we were calling to tell him he had just WON our $600,000 1st Prize, plus the $55,000 Book Buyers Prize.

“A polite young chap called and asked me for additional support. He said my extra ticket purchase was helping expand the Hear for Kids program and I just thought, why not! I bought a second $100 book and thought nothing of it. Luckily he called because if he hadn’t I wouldn’t be $655,000 richer!”

Scott and his wife have been supporting us as VIP members since 2016 and decided to choose our Mortgage Buster Option. They treated themselves to a new Audi Q2 and BMW 4 Series Coupe and will be spending the remaining $530,000 on a long overdue European holiday with their three children.

Lottery 165 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Otago, New Zealand​ | Total Prize Amount $635,000

What a treat! Our lovely Lottery 165 winners recently popped into The Deaf Lottery Australia office to sign their official paperwork and to confirm their Prize choice.

A spur of the moment ticket purchase while on holiday on the Gold Coast has been their best investment ever!  They walked out of the Lottery office some $600,000 richer!  Plus, as a $50 Book Buyer they also received an additional $35,000 in Gold Bullion, taking their total winnings to $635,000!

The lucky couple settled on the Mortgage Buster 1st Prize Option which offered the maximum amount of Gold Bullion. We wish them all the very best. No doubt this huge windfall will help them live more comfortably and allow them to continue to follow their dreams. Congratulations!

Our winner has his heart set on purchasing a brand new motorhome and taking a well-deserved holiday touring around Australia. He also plans to spoil his children and grandchildren along the way.

Lottery 164 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Mitchelton, Queensland | Total Prize Amount $635,000

Three missed calls. That is what Tim* our Lottery 164 winner from Mitchelton, was welcomed with when he checked his phone at 2:30 pm on Thursday 25th May 2017. He called back and received the shock of his life when our Lottery Manager informed him that he had just won our $635,000.

"I think I need to sit down." These were the first words out of our latest winner’s mouth, followed by, "Thank you so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Tim had purchased two $50 books which meant on top of his $600,000 1st Prize winnings he also received an extra $35,000 Book Buyer Prize!

“I am speechless! The reason why I purchased tickets was that I really wanted the motorhome! I have been dreaming about where I would take it on my great Australian holiday." He continued, "Plus it is a great cause and I am extremely grateful for this amazing prize!”  

Lottery 163 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Mackay, Queensland | Total Prize Amount $625,000

When we called our Lottery 163 winner to tell him that he had just won $600,000, all he could say was, "ARE YOU SERIOUS!?"

We were serious because Anthony*, a 71-year-old retiree from Mackay, Queensland had just won our mega $600,000 1st Prize. Our down-to-earth and grateful Lottery Winner was so excited and thankful he had just won our Jackpot Prize that he decided to pay the Deaf Lottery team a friendly visit at our Brisbane head office. After several conversations with our Lottery Manager and local Mazda dealership, Anthony decided to spend a small portion of his winnings on a new Mazda 3 SP25 GT. While visiting our head office he received the keys to his new car and started planning his 11-hour trip back to Mackay.

“I think I will go on a road trip and visit my family. I have children and grandchildren located all along the Queensland coast and they are extremely excited to see me.” Anthony said. “I am extremely grateful for the work that the Deaf Lottery Australia does in supporting the Deaf and hard of hearing community and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be the winner of the $600,000 1st Prize.”

After retiring in March 2015, from 30 years of working as a diesel fitter, Anthony is looking forward to a long and well-deserved holiday. He also plans to tour the great Australian outback at the end of this year in his brand new caravan.

*Names changed to maintain winner’s anonymity.