Lottery No. 176 Closing: 03 Feb 2019

Drawn: 07 Feb 2019

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You’re helping to connect Deaf and hard of hearing teenagers

Through your support, Hear For You is able to make a profound, real impact on the lives of Deaf and hard of hearing teenagers in Victoria. For many of these teenagers, Hear For You is one of the few opportunities to engage with other Deaf and hard of hearing teenagers and share their experiences.

These Hear For You sessions focus on encouraging Deaf and hard of hearing teenagers to improve their social skills, map out careers and passions they’d like to pursue, learn about their social identity, and engage with families and local communities.

Phil, one of the teenagers involved in the program, said, ‘When I first attended Hear For You, I was unsure if it was right for me; but I was having a hard time at school, and wanted to give it a go. Now, I’m so much happier than ever before. This year, I even started learning to be a footy referee for my local junior competition. I don’t think I would have done it without Hear For You and their amazing mentors.’

By supporting The Deaf Lottery Australia, you are making stories like Phil’s possible. Thank you.