Lottery No. 158 Closing: 10 Jul 2016

Drawn: 14 Jul 2016

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Lottery No. 158 is your opportunity to indulge in life changing extravagance. For this Luxury Edition we’ve curated a selection of our most extravagant prizes as inspiration for your choice of one of the $550,000 1st Prize Options.


We know luxury means something different to everyone so we’ve made sure that your dream lifestyle is covered, whether it's travelling the world, investing your windfall and owning lavish cars, having your dream home built in a location of your choice or helping your family acheive their dreams. Imagine the endless possibilities if you won! 

With 149 prizes up for grabs your support of the Deaf Lottery not only gives you the chance to win these amazing Lottery prizes but more importantly assists us in funding a wide range of programs and services to assist the Deaf and hard of hearing community.