Lottery No. 175 Closing: 16 Dec 2018

Drawn: 20 Dec 2018

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Where Your Money Goes

Ever wondered where the funds raised from the sale of Lottery tickets go?

The Deaf Lottery Australia is a fundraising program conducted by Deaf Services, the leading end to end service provider for the Deaf and hard of hearing community in Queensland. 

Some of the services and programs include:

Hear for Kids
Hear for Kids is our early intervention and therapy support service for Deaf and hard of hearing children (aged 0 – 7 years). Through us, teachers and students alike can access innovative language and communication development tools. If you are interested in helping to provide support and resources to Hear for Kids with the vision of creating communication opportunities for Deaf and hard of hearing children please consider donating

Auslan interpreting and translations
Your funding contributes to the provision of Auslan (Australian Sign Language) interpretation services and Auslan Translations. As a leading provider of high quality translations, Deaf Services enables everything from printed content, to websites, to spoken videos to be translated into Auslan, providing accessible information for the Deaf community.

Community Auslan (Australian Sign Language) classes
In a bid to open the door of communication, your support enables a range of Community Auslan classes to take place across Queensland. Members of the public are encouraged to take part, learning basic Auslan conversational skills over the course of 8 weeks.

Ageing Well services
We’re here for the community, every step of the way. Our Ageing Well service is a supportive program for Deaf and hard of hearing seniors. These services create a helpful network for participants – lending a hand with daily tasks, and providing regular social activities.

Independent living support for Deaf people with additional disabilities
Supporting The Deaf Lottery Australia also works to raise funds for The Lifestyle Support Service (LSS), which empowers and assists members of the Deaf community living with additional disabilities. Through their work, LSS reduces the strain on independent living, lending a hand with daily tasks in a supportive, friendly space.

Dynamic workshops and mentoring for Deaf community members
Ready, set, learn! Your support helps us run dynamic, engaging workshops for Deaf Community members. Here, they’ll learn new skills and receive hands-on mentoring and guidance. Find classes in your area here.

Hear for You
As they move through their schooling, our Hear for You program supports the mentoring of 12 - 18 year olds who are Deaf or hard of hearing. These services are available throughout QLD, NSW, VIC, WA, including rural and regional areas.

Your ongoing support of The Deaf Lottery Australia will allow us to continue supporting essential services and ensure Deaf and hard of hearing individuals and community are empowered, connected and achieving.

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