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D-I-WHY? 11 Times You Maybe Shouldn’t Have Done it Yourself

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Many of our Deaf Lottery winners have used their prize money to upgrade their homes or invest in a whole new property with our prize partners Metricon. With Metricon’s award-winning designs and customisations, you can get everything EXACTLY how you want. Rather do it yourself? Just remember that if you don’t know what you’re doing, things can not always go to plan. Here are some of our favourite home renovation fails …

Supercharged Chandelier

Room feeling a little stuffy? Decor not covered enough in shattered crystal? Boy do we have the light fixture for you!

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Duelling Drawers

A great design feature for those of us who don’t get enough frustration in our life …

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Uncanny Valley

Watch the driveway when you drive in – it’s a little steep …

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Right Down the Middle

The upside is the Half Flush function works VERY well …

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Behind every great light switch is … another light switch for some reason?

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Pole Position

At least it will stop you reversing too fast onto the road …

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No Escape

Nearly …

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Don’t take any chances with your home renovation.

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