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Lottery 198 Winner: A lottery Love Story

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From FIFO to Fairy tale. That is how quickly Elizabeth*’s life completely changed and now she is set to live happily ever after as our first prize winner of Lottery 198 with $800,000. PLUS, another bonus $20,000 VIP book buyers prize.

The future looks bright for Sunshine Coast local Elizabeth*, whose world went into a spin whilst on a Fifo posting in outback Western Australia after a wild ride discovering she had won the Deaf Lottery. 

“It feels surreal. It feels absolutely wonderful. At the time I was in complete shock, I thought this must be a scam.” Traveling along vast corrugated dirt outback roads, Elizabeth* was packed into a car with new work colleagues who would soon be part of a life altering moment. The mobile phone reception faded in and out as the journey hit the halfway mark of a 7-hour journey to the middle of the Simpson Desert.

We were lucky enough to reach a brief stretch of road to break the news to Elizabeth*. Stunned she put the phone on loudspeaker for Paul, the General Manager of Marketing at Deaf Connect, to tell the people in the car the news, to verify this was in fact real. The response from the car was inaudible excitement.

Elizabeth*’s timing made her $20,000 richer as she only became a VIP in Lottery 197 with a $50 support in each lottery. Making her book buyers prize $20,000 for a total prize of $820,000. She selected the Mortgage Buster option, purchasing a Graphite Rav4 and allocating her winnings to a very happy and well earnt future.

Unfortunately for Elizabeth*, she spent the next 3 days in remote WA without reception, busting with excitement to share this incredible news with her Fiancé and loved ones. We are pretty sure those were the longest 3 days of her life.

Elizabeth* finally landed home and into the arms of her Fiancé as they went on to celebrate in style with loved ones. After a tumultuous few years, Elizabeth* took some time for this to sink in (We are still not sure if it has for Elizabeth* – the Deaf Lottery will know when we receive the postcard from the Maldives) and reflect on what is really important in life.

“It has been a great opportunity to rethink what is important in life and the timing of everything. It is an opportunity to choose what quality of life you want, rather than dreaming, building and planning this can bring these hopes and dreams to life. You’ve got to look within to see what fits the bill for you in life and what you want.”  

“This is a chance to create the life people dream of, surrounded by my loved ones.”

“Winning the Deaf Lottery has granted me with the opportunity to rethink what is most important in life. This is a chance to create the life people dream of, surrounded by what really matters in life, spending time with loved ones, being kind to others and paying it forward.”  

Elizabeth* was able to resign from her job and plans on paying it forward, helping others, investing in memories with an around-the-world trip and spending time with loved ones.

“A few years ago, after three decades apart, I reconnected with the love of my life. This is how my now Fiancé and I are going to continue to live out our love story. Starting with an around-the-world trip, thanks to the Deaf Lottery.” 

“Over the years I sporadically donate to charities and enter into lotteries that help the communities. It is a minute philanthropic gesture. I never thought to expect anything back. I actually just joined Deaf Lottery as a VIP in November 2021.”

Elizabeth* looks forward to learning more about the Deaf community through Deaf Connect and the Deaf Lottery and may even try her hand at learning some Auslan.

“Hats off to all the great work that the Deaf Lottery do. Thank you to the team at Deaf Lottery and Deaf Connect for their kindness and understanding, everyone I have dealt with on behalf of the organisation have been wonderful.”

The news has triggered a flow on effect among the community, delighted and inspired with the news, throwing their hat in the ring buying Deaf Lottery tickets and supporting Deaf Australians.

From all of us at Deaf Connect, we would like to congratulate Elizabeth*, wish her all the best, and thank her again for supporting the Deaf community.

*Name changed to protect anonymity  

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