Cade Takes His Chance: Meet our $820,000 Deaf Lottery 193 Winner

- DeafAdmin
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For our Lottery 193 winner Cade, a chance internet search led to an $820,000 payday, and a secure future for his family. 

“This is probably one of the best phone calls I’ve ever had!” said Cade*, our Lottery 193 First Prize Winner, after we contacted him to tell him his life had just changed forever. 

Amazingly, Cade is a first-time ticket buyer who bought tickets just days before Lottery 193 closed, and only due to a quick online search for charity lotteries! 

“I consider myself pretty fortunate in life,” Cade told us. “I have a good job, a family I love and a roof over my head. I try and support charities where I can.” 



Cade and his family rent a property in a remote farming area in South Australia’s Clare Valley, and he told us their windfall may help them move to the next stage of their lives. 

“I’ve got a young family, so this could help us set up and enter the property market,” he said. 



By purchasing a $50 book of tickets, Cade also received a bonus $20,000 in Gold Bullion to add to the life-changing $800,000 prize he never expected.  

“When I entered, of course I didn’t anticipate winning. I was really donating to a good cause.” 


Deaf Lottery 194 is now open. Make your own dreams come true  – ENTER NOW! 



*Name changed to protect anonymity.