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Message from the CEO | December 2022



Hello. My name is Brett and I am the CEO of Deaf Connect.

Today, I really want to extend a big thanks to all of our supporters.

The Deaf Lottery is the fundraising arm for our organisation.

For those that have purchased tickets or donated to our organisation, a huge
thank you from all of us here.

The money that has been fundraised goes on to provide different programs for our community, to support them, to achieve their goals, to deliver new services and to
develop new programs.

You probably don’t realise the support that it provides to us actually goes into our community to enhance the lives of deaf people.

As we approach the festive season. I do want to extend our thank you and hope you all have a lovely holiday period
with your family and loved ones too.

I wish you all the success next year in 2023.

Thank you.

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