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Elliot Miller on 7 News


Did you see Elliot Miller on 7 News Brisbane? Elliot’s auditory training app Hearoes was developed with a Deaf Services grant 100% funded by The Deaf Lottery Australia.

Watch the interview with Elliot here:

Video provided courtesy of 7 News Brisbane, who retains copyright of all footage included.

The idea for Hearoes came to Elliot when, not long after receiving a cochlear implant, he was out for a run. He began hearing an unfamiliar noise when he was jogging which would stop as soon as he did. It was only later he realised it was the sound of coins rattling in his pocket—a sound he was, of course, unfamiliar with.

Elliot decided create an app which featured activities based around environmental “real-world” sounds, and which encouraged practice and development through a “dynamic learning pathway”, i.e. the user learning sounds that were useful and relevant to their lives.

Elliot thanked Deaf Services and The Deaf Lottery for awarding him a Life Enrichment Grant, which has allowed him to add 10 new activities to the app (including Australian-specific sounds like pedestrian crossing signal noises and cockatoos!) as well as help foster a new partnership with the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

“The amazing contribution from Deaf Services has helped hundreds of people on their hearing journey who are able to learn and feel confidence with the new sounds around them,” said Elliot. “Thank you to everyone who bought tickets in The Deaf Lottery for your invaluable support!”

Find out more about Hearoes at games4hearoes.com

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