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Kate’s Incredible Double Win

Double Winner Blog Hero

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but for Kate, two Deaf Lottery wins came right when she needed them. Kate took out a $2000 Early Bird Bonus Prize in Lottery 190 before winning an instant $1000 in her very first week as a Deaf Lottery VIP in Lottery 191!

This double win isn’t the most inspiring part of Kate’s story, however. We wanted to let Kate tell it in her own words …

“I bought my first Deaf Lottery ticket at a shopping centre. My son saw the display and said Maybe we can buy our dream home! and I thought let’s get a ticket, why not!

I got a follow-up call just before Christmas from Julie at the Deaf Lottery, explaining where my support went and asking me if I would like to become a Deaf Lottery VIP.

I wasn’t sure at first, because of my personal situation. I had just gotten out of a domestic violence situation, and I just wasn’t sure I could commit. But then I thought that this is a cause that is really in my heart. I have a nephew who is profoundly deaf.

I won the Early Bird prize in January and then a VIP Draw in March. $2000 the first time, $1000 the second time. 

It’s going to sound funny, but I had this secret hope. I really wanted to win twice. It was so funny when that second message came through that I’d won again.

After everything my son and I have been through, and where we are now, it’s like we’ve been blessed. It was such good timing on both occasions. I had literally been praying for a breakthrough, so when it happened I was so very grateful.

The money has been so useful for those everyday expenses, and we’ll have school fees coming up in June so it will certainly help there!

We also treated ourselves to a few nights in a hotel for a little break … and a chance to celebrate!

The wins have just meant we’re able to enjoy ourselves more. You want to be able to have fun in life. Whatever your circumstances, you shouldn’t feel like you’re living under a rock.

If I was lucky enough to win the main prize, I would definitely choose to build a house. We’ve done enough moving around over the past year. I want our next move to be permanent, for us to be sure what we’re doing. I want my son to have that stability, to be able to make friends and live the life I want to give him. 

I’m not a person who plays general lotteries, but with The Deaf Lottery, you can’t really lose, because you know your money is going towards great programs and services. You just never know though – you might win twice in a row!

I’ve got friends who say they cry when they watch people use sign language and they say things like it’s so powerful and beautiful but I think what’s beautiful is that we’re creating a society that’s actually diverse enough to include everyone!

What you guys do is so important. Thank you for letting me be a part of it.”

Congratulations to Kate, and we wish her and her son the very best for the future and thank her for supporting Deaf and hard of hearing Australians.

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