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Lottery 202: Sydney Dad goes to buy a family camping tent and becomes $830k richer with the Deaf Lottery.

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A family man looking to invest in his camping set up bought a ticket at a camping expo on a whim – his main goal that day was to create the ideal family holiday in the Aussie countryside. Now $830K richer, Kevin* is enjoying a long-lasting summer with his loved ones.

Kevin decided on the Drive Away Lifestyle option, with a change in gear, the L202 winner is the first winner to buy a new ATV for the family. So, with a new vehicle and $750K in the bank, anything is possible for this adventure loving family. Not only did Kevin win first prize, he also won an additional $30K with a book buyers prize.*

The first time Deaf Lottery ticket buyer from Sydney spoke with the Deaf Lottery team about his win.

“It feels nice having financial security. We can make choices that you would normally not be able to make. It’s a real luxury not many people have. We have lived pretty frugally, and we still rent. It’s going to change things for us, which is the most amazing feeling.”

“Every Christmas, all the family and kids get together in the country. The motorbikes come out, and now the ATV can come out. The kids are going to love it. They don’t actually know about the win yet.”

Kevin bought his tickets at an expo in Sydney whilst buying a tent. Little did he know it was his lucky day when he stopped past the Deaf Lottery booth, enroute to organise the delivery logistics for the tent. Upon return the tent had already been sold. He thought if only he hadn’t stopped off at the Deaf Lottery ticket booth he would be taking home the family tent. 

A happy ending for Kevin, as he ended up getting the tent he initially thought he missed out on, and months later found out that chance moment of being in the right place at the right time with a giving heart made him $830,000 richer.

“I’ve had a very blessed life. I’m healthy and happy. We don’t have a lot of money. In that moment I thought there’s a lot of people here who put up with a hell of a lot more than they deserve. So I stopped to get the tickets.”

 How is that for a serendipitous moment!

From all of us at Deaf Connect, we would like to congratulate Kevin, wish him all the best, and thank him again for supporting the Deaf community. 

*Name changed to protect anonymity     

* What is the Book Buyers Prize? 

Where the first prize winning ticket was purchased in a book of tickets, or multiple books in the same transaction and in the same name/s, the first prize winner will also win the corresponding book buyer’s prize. For example, a $100 Book adds $30,000 in extra Gold Bullion to the 1st Prize value! To view the Bonus Gold Bullion amount, please refer to our Buy Tickets page. 

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