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Lottery 201: Golden age brings a golden win


A life well lived pays off at age 87 for Olive* waking up $805,000 richer. The Queensland grandmother claims $800,000 first prize win in Deaf Lottery 201. On top of that she also took home $5,000 through purchasing a $20 book buyers prize, totalling a win of $805,000.

Olive was left speechless when she received the winning call from Deaf Lottery. After an overwhelming initial call, Olive had her son call the team back to confirm a dream come true – and we were delighted to confirm that she was now $805,000 richer.

Olive uses hearing aids, and has a personal connection with the Deaf community as her mother was also hard of hearing. This personal connection explains why she was drawn to giving back to the Deaf community.

“I’ve been supporting the Deaf Lottery for many years now, I always try to support in any way I can. I know the help goes a really long way,” Olive says.

“I have lived a very exciting full life, I’ve backpacked around the world and Australia around 60 years ago. England, Europe, Russia and China all by railroads and boats. We didn’t fly much back then.”

Coming from a big close knit family Olive will be setting up a new home for herself while also sharing the win with her family through the Mortgage Buster Lifestyle package. 

“I’ve lived a very full life and now at this age, I will finally be able to own my first home with these winnings.

“One of my grandchildren learnt of the winning news and asked my son, his father, if I had won around $50? He is going to get a big surprise.”   “I come from a very close family, with three wonderful sisters. We plan to celebrate over a long lunch next week.”

To kick off the celebrations Olive left us with this sparkling comment “I don’t drink, but I’ll go have a strong cup of coffee”.

The news has triggered a flow on effect among the community, delighted and inspired with the news, throwing their hat in the ring buying Deaf Lottery tickets and supporting Deaf Australians. Everyday Australians are taking home this prize, don’t miss you chance to win big with the Deaf Lottery.

From all of us at Deaf Connect, we would like to congratulate Olive, wish her all the best, and thank her again for supporting the Deaf community. 

*Name changed to protect anonymity  

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