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Lottery 204: Winning Health and Wealth

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Straight after the Deaf Lottery delivered the winning news to the lucky South Australian, Andrew* quickly called his wife, who was at her parent's place with the whole family. He said he would be there shortly because I have some news. After beginning a new job just that week, Andrews's wife thought it was odd that he was not at work. 

Andrew arrived at that family home where he was asked for an explanation, after all it was the middle of the day on a typical Thursday. He announced “Can we all sit down for a second? I have a little bit of news to share. ” So everyone sat down nervously and Andrew showed his wife the confirmation from the Deaf Lottery that we had won the $800k. 

As she was reading it, her eyes, kept widening as she read through it several times in silence. I urged her “Just read the top line. Read it out. And she reads it out aloud, everyone's eyes just lit up. The room roared with excitement, there were lots of tears too. ”

“It is the most amazing feeling, years ago I was facing bankruptcy. So this means we can stop living pay check to pay check and cover off debt and do things we could never afford.”

With only got $20 in his bank account, and days away from his next paycheck this lottery win couldn’t have come at a more crucial time.

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Our lucky winner knew exactly what he wanted, opting for the Drive Away Lifestyle option and taking the rest of his winnings in Gold Bullion. A few days after receiving the news, it all became a reality when he received a call from the car dealership stating his brand-new 20th-anniversary edition, Mazda 6 Turbo with luxury Italian leather interior had been ordered and paid for. 

It's incredible how a windfall like this can have such a positive impact on so many lives. Andrew not only supports the Deaf Lottery but puts family first by supporting a sick family member, and raising assistance dogs for those in need, showing a compassion and desire to make a difference in their lives. 

“A close family member is going through some health issues and is unable to work so this means the world to us as we will be able to afford the treatment without additional stress.” – says Andrew.

Andrew’s Lottery 204 winnings will be going towards looking after the health of his family, paying off his bills, taking care of his animals and a road trip in his new car.

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 “To receive the lottery 1st prize winner phone call and to start telling people, I still haven't really come down off Cloud Nine, I still don't believe it.” Andrew says.

“Everything's working out just perfectly.”

From all those at Deaf Connect and the Deaf Lottery, congratulations on your win. The generosity and kindness of the Deaf Lottery supporters makes a difference to Deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind Australians. 

If you would like your chance to win $800,000, you can purchase your $2 ticket online at www.deaflottery.com.au.

*Name changed to protect anonymity   

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