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Lottery 206: Proof luck does strike twice

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Congratulations to our Deaf Lottery 206 winner Brendan*.  A man who gives back to the community and has had quite the journey in life, overcoming challenges, never giving up - a true Aussie battler always at the ready to help others.

“I have industrial deafness from serving in the Australian Military, that’s why I support the Deaf Lottery as a VIP for every draw” – says Brendan.

Brendan has a passion for adventure, often hitting the road on his 1970’s Kawasaki motorcycle and loyal companion dog, Bourbon. 

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“Initially I was thinking of doing the house package as I was planning on moving anyway. However, as it was I was also hunting for a new ute and went with the car option given I was going to go touring the country anyway, may as well do it in style. The great thing is, choosing the drive away lifestyle option means I can have the best of both worlds. I can have my nice shiny new metallic beige ute and I can get a house with the remaining gold bullion.”

Brendan is proof that lightning does strike twice, having already won a prize in the Deaf Lottery “Given I already had a win in Lottery 201 I am so confused as to why people aren’t buying tickets in the Deaf Lottery. I mean, I have won three prizes with the Deaf Lottery now, second prize, first prize and the book buyers prize.  I’m so glad I buy the bigger books otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten he extra $30,000. To be really honest though I like that others aren’t buying, gives me more chances to win again.“ 

Winning the lottery was a surreal experience for Brendan and even more so for his family. “I called my dad and I think he thinks I was full of it. He definitely believes me now, cause he has requested I buy him a motorhome” 

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While the new car and the requests from family and friends might bring some changes to this winner's life, it's heart-warming to hear that his best mate, Bourbon continues to enjoy her favourite treats and a new sheep skin rug. It’s nothing but the best this companion dog. 

From all those at Deaf Connect and the Deaf Lottery, congratulations to our Lottery 206 winner, may it bring you joy, memorable adventures, and the ability to make a positive impact in the lives of those around you.

If you would like your chance to win $800,000, you can purchase your $2 ticket online at www.deaflottery.com.au.

*Name changed to protect anonymity   

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