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Your Guide to a Low Effort, High Impact Christmas!

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Take the stress out of Christmas decorating with our complete low-effort, high impact guide! Imagine entertaining your family and friends this Christmas in a brand new Metricon home!

Our Lottery 189 Feature Home is the amazing Metro 31, which squeezes so much into blocks as narrow as ten metres! Imagine winning the Deaf Lottery and moving into the Metro 31 in time for Christmas!

Imagine coming home to this …

Wherever and however you celebrate the holiday season, let us do the work for you with these terrific timesaving tips!


Too often Christmas decorating can involve buying a lot of things you’ll only use for a month at the most, so think about how to make the most of what you already have (added bonus: no boxes of Christmas decorations clogging up your storage space!).

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, you have an instant focal point. Decorate with pops of bold colour (a poinsettia wreath is a fabulous centrepiece), add layers of interest with mirrors, lights and clear jars, or go green with eucalyptus leaves, vines and plenty of living colour.

Cat optional …

Staircases, too, can be home to some seasonal flow (think leafy accents like an unfurled wreath, fairy lights or candy stripes!).

Think of your tree as a vehicle for all the senses, not just your eyes! Why not add real citrus, cinnamon quills or cloves to your tree to infuse your living space with seasonal scents (and when it’s time for a hot toddy, all your ingredients are in reach!). 

Tastes like Christmas already …


Save money and make Christmas truly your own with homemade decorations (don’t throw out those old light globes!). Involve the whole family, and not only will you have some amazing crafternoons ahead of you, your Christmas décor will truly feel like it belongs to you!

The only limit is your imagination (and perhaps how much you trust your children with a glue gun) …

Get some funky fabric and create your own Christmas stockingssave a million dollars by making your own Christmas cardsand don’t forget to whip up some edible decorations (makes storage after Christmas pretty easy!).

In case you need some more inspiration!


Get more from less by reinventing what Christmas is supposed to look like! Sick of a tired tree in the corner? Try a Suitcase Tree (not as if any of us are traveling long distances right now!), a Book Tree or our absolute favourite a Chalkboard Tree!

Not sure this tree would last the whole twelve days of Christmas …

While snowmen, holly and big jumpers might suit the northern hemisphere, here in Australia they just don’t ring true! Celebrate the Aussie way with decorating themes. Make your garlands and wreaths from native plantscelebrate with Indigenous designs and if you’re feeling ultra-Aussie, why not decorate your tree with some thongs?

If you make a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Hay Bale, we want to know!


Remember, Christmas doesn’t stop once the tree is out of sight! Adding small touches to other high traffic areas can give you a fuller festive feeling without overloading your senses (or your bank balance).

Don’t forget to remove the pine cones before getting into bed …

When you think about it, candles don’t really serve a purpose in your living room, but we all want our bathroom to smell nice! We love these 100% beeswax pine cone candles, but you can let your imagination run wild!

If that’s not festive enough, we’ve got three words for you: Christmas Shower Curtain …

If you want to celebrate Central Europe style, keep a carp in your bath for a few days, then cook it up for Christmas dinner!


Each Deaf Lottery we feature one of Metricon’s award-winning home designs, and Lottery 189 is no exception. Our Deaf Lottery 189 feature home is the Metro 31, a completely adaptable family home you’re sure to love.

The perfect place for a family Christmas lunch!

The designer’s challenge: to design a compact family home incorporating an abundance of accommodation that will suit blocks as narrow as just 10 metres.

Welcome to the appropriately-named Metro, re-defining present day urban living with four spacious bedrooms and a lovely nook for your home office or study space, a huge integrated living hub, and both a secondary leisure room and a media room upstairs. With your choice of three facades, it represents contemporary living at its best.

Take a virtual tour of the Metro 31


You’ve got the big picture right, but what about interior design? What about fixtures, fittings, materials and finishes? Don’t worry, Metricon has you covered. Their in-house (if you’ll excuse the pun) interior design team at Studio M will help you explore an extensive range of options.

With Studio M, it’s all about affordable luxury. They offer the perfect collection of inclusions to help you create the ultimate designer space. Create a home that is styled and finished to your own personal tastes to ensure you’ll always love where you live.

Learn more about Studio M 


Of course the best way to begin planning your dream home is to experience what it might look like! Metricon have a range of display homes across the country, meaning you can step inside and really begin to imagine what your new house might feel like. Find a Metricon Display Home near you, or take a 3D tour of Metro 31 from the comfort of your couch.

Imagine how good it would feel to wake up here …


The ideas don’t stop there. Step inside the Metricon Lookbook  for more design aesthetics, on-trend themes and simply clever ideas.

If you love visual examples, make time to browse through Metricon’s Gallery, where you’ll find a range of amazing inspiration for your dream space. 

Whichever design you choose, thank you for supporting the vital work of Deaf Services through The Deaf Lottery Australia and best of luck in Deaf Lottery 189!

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