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Our Lottery 190 Winner

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Deaf Lottery 190 Winner Freya* from the Sunshine Coast won a massive $830,000 which she says will change her life and mean so much for her family.

It’s fair to say Freya doesn’t have a lot of time in her day. With a full workload as a contract administrator and two young boys – one at school and one embarking on an apprenticeship – you would be forgiven for not answering a call from an unknown phone number.

Luckily for us (and for Freya!) she picked up just such call just after 11am, and with it her life changed forever.

On the line was Deaf Lottery Operations Head Paul Stockwell, who had the pleasure of informing Freya her ticket had been chosen as the winner of Deaf Lottery 190, delivering her $800,000!

As if this wasn’t enough, as Freya is a $100 Deaf Lottery VIP, she also received a Book Buyer’s Bonus of $30,000 in Gold Bullion!

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“I’m speechless,” was the first thing Freya was able to say.

It was only after a rousing cheer from (socially distanced) Deaf Lottery staff, that Freya was able to accept that her win was real, and told us the prize couldn’t have come at a better time.

“You’ve got no idea what this means for us,” she said. “Our rent just keeps going up with so many people moving to the Sunshine Coast, but I have to stay because my son goes to school here. I can’t tell you how much this win helps me and my family.”

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Freya began supporting The Deaf Lottery in 2020, and told us the cause and the prize options were what made her become a Deaf Lottery VIP.

“I always try to support worthy causes,” Freya said. “We don’t have a lot, but I always tell my boys you should give when you can.”

It was her two boys that Freya said she would tell first, but would wait until they came home. 

“It’s going to kill me waiting to tell them!” she said. “They’ll both roll their eyes when I say I’ve got something to tell them, so I’ll have to think about how to make it a bit interesting!”

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As for what prize option she would choose, Freya said her kids would certainly have ideas.

“My eldest has been saving madly for a Hilux,” said Freya, “so I can imagine what he’ll say we should spend the money on! My younger son turns 16 soon and he assumes he’ll just take my car whenever he wants, so he might want one as well.”

For Freya, she said winning was a way to escape the rental market.

“I’m always on realestate.com having a dream,” she said. “I’m going to hop on right after this call as well, let me tell you!”

Whatever Freya and her family plan to do with the prize, we wish her all the very best and thank her again for supporting Deaf Australians through The Deaf Lottery.

*Name changed to protect anonymity

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