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Meet our Lottery 184 Winner!

184 Winner Featured
Ticket Number: 1400969| Forest Lake 4078| Total Prize Amount $870,000

In these uncertain times, it was wonderful to share some life-changing news with medical worker Bob, our Deaf Lottery 184 1st Prize Winner, who is now $870,000 richer!

It’s been a difficult time for many of us of late, so it was with welcome relief we delivered the news of a massive win to Bob, our very deserving Lottery 184 Winner.

“This  has to be a wind-up!” was the first thing Bob said to us (and was a phrase he returned to a lot throughout the call!).

Our Operations Manager, Paul Stockwell, assured him that it was 100% real, and he had just won our $850,000 1st Prize.

The good news did not stop there, however. Because Bob has been a $50 Deaf Lottery VIP Club member since 2018, he also added a whopping $20,000 Gold Bullion to his prize!

“I’m trying to pinch myself at the moment because I think this is a dream.” Bob told us when the news sunk in.

Currently Bob works for a medical supply company, but his connection to the Deaf community goes back over 20 years to his time as a nurse.

“I had a client who was Deaf, and I learned some sign language,” Bob says. “I would sit one side of the ward and he would sit on the other. We could talk from a distance without anyone knowing!”

These days, Bob’s work takes him all over the state delivering and maintaining wheelchairs and other assistive devices and medical equipment, work that is in higher and higher demand in the current climate.

“As you can imagine, we’re getting hammered at the moment, but after this news I’m going to go and get a takeaway coffee and take a moment!”

Bob called us back soon after to confirm his win, and spoke to Contact Centre officer Nanette, who described their conversation as “an enormous pleasure.”

“I heard Bob’s tone change from disbelief to the realisation that his life his just changed in a profound way,” says Nanette. “What struck me most was how humble and grateful he was. It was clear his support has always been about the cause, and not the prize.”

Bob told Nanette he would take his time to think about how exactly he would spend his windfall, but one thing was definitely a priority.

“My wife and I have been trying to get finance for some home renovations, but the bank just knocked us back,” said Bob. “We’re now going to pay off our mortgage and then tell the bank where to go!”

Bob bought his first Deaf Lottery ticket from a Deaf Services team member at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.

“I got chatting to this young lad about the cause the lottery supports, and it took me back over twenty years to my Deaf client in the hospital. I thought it was time to give back. I never thought about winning a prize. I’ve never won a thing.”

Bob continues to joke with us over phone and email that his win is an elaborate prank, but there’s no doubting his sincerity and the knowledge that our prize has gone to a very deserving person.

“Even if it is a wind-up,” Bob told us, “you’ve made me feel good!”

From everyone at Deaf Services, we would like to thank Bob for his support, and wish him and his family all the best for the future.

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