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Meet Our Lottery 188 Winner!

L188 Winner Phone Call Header Image

Ticket Number: 0597797| Location: North Haven SA 5018 | Winnings: $810,000 

They say hard work pays off, and this is definitely the case for our Deaf Lottery 188 winner, Steve from South Australia!

Steve took the winning call while driving, during the middle of a shift in his work as a breakdown mechanic. 

“You’re joking,” he said, when Deaf Lottery Head of Marketing Ian Harvey Ross told him he’d just won $800,000. “No way!”

Little did Steve know, the best news was yet to come. As a $30 Deaf Lottery VIP, Steve’s prize automatically jumped to a whopping $810,000.

“What a prize,” said Steve. “Just amazing.”

Steve has supported The Deaf Lottery since April 2019, after seeing a Facebook post showing how his support directly benefits Deaf Australians. 

“I don’t really have any connection to the Deaf community,” said Steve, “but I thought it was a good cause, and I was happy to contribute. Of course, I never imagined in a million years I would win anything!”

When Ian asked Steve how he would celebrate, he got an unexpected answer.

“I’ve got to finish today’s shift and get up early for another one tomorrow,” laughed Steve. “I won’t be able to party too hard! I’ll call my wife now though, and we’ll probably go out for a meal tonight.”

After the call, Steve called his wife Marissa, who not only didn’t believe him that he’d won $810,000 but didn’t know he was a Deaf Lottery VIP!

“It took me five minutes to convince her,” said Steve. “I had to point out that we’d known each other for 30 years and eventually she believed me!”

Marissa gathered together some friends and popped some champagne in Steve’s honour. The couple did celebrate later with a lovely dinner, where they chatted about all the options now ahead of them.

“We’ve got a lot to think about,” said Steve. “At this stage, we’re thinking about the new house or car, but we’ll keep chatting and work out what’s best for us.”

From all of us at Deaf Services and the Deaf Society, we would like to congratulate Steve and Marissa, wish them all the best, and thank them again for supporting the Deaf community. 

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