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Miriam’s Story

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Ticket Number 0503131| Croydon 5008| Total Prize: $3000

“The first thing I did was just feel my body relax.”

Miriam, from Croydon in South Australia, was in the midst of cooking dinner when a casual check of her emails revealed she had just won 3rd Prize in Deaf Lottery 181 and was now $3000 richer!

“I felt just amazed and joyful,” she says. “I read the good news and the first thing I did was feel my body relax.”

Miriam had recently been racked with anxiety about a very Australian problem: an invasion of possums in her ceiling!

“I can afford to get gutter guards now,” she says, “and get these possums under control!”

A Deaf Lottery supporter for just over a year, Miriam will use the remaining money to pay off her mortgage.

Miriam’s professional life has brought her in contact with many members of the Deaf and hard of hearing community, and she says she would definitely encourage others to support The Deaf Lottery and the work of Deaf Services, and in fact made an extra personal commitment to the cause after taking out 3rd Prize.

“I joined the Deaf Lottery VIP Club after this win,” she says.

Congratulations, Miriam, and thank you for your ongoing support. 

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