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Our Lottery 163 Winner

Lottery 163 Winner Featured

Lottery 163 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Mackay, Queensland | Total Prize Amount $625,000

When we called our Lottery 163 winner to tell him that he had just won $600,000, all he could say was, “ARE YOU SERIOUS!?”

We were serious because Anthony*, a 71-year-old retiree from Mackay, Queensland had just won our mega $600,000 1st Prize. Our down-to-earth and grateful Lottery Winner was so excited and thankful he had just won our Jackpot Prize that he decided to pay the Deaf Lottery team a friendly visit at our Brisbane head office. After several conversations with our Lottery Manager and local Mazda dealership, Anthony decided to spend a small portion of his winnings on a new Mazda 3 SP25 GT. While visiting our head office he received the keys to his new car and started planning his 11-hour trip back to Mackay.

“I think I will go on a road trip and visit my family. I have children and grandchildren located all along the Queensland coast and they are extremely excited to see me.” Anthony said. “I am extremely grateful for the work that the Deaf Lottery Australia does in supporting the Deaf and hard of hearing community and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be the winner of the $600,000 1st Prize.”

After retiring in March 2015, from 30 years of working as a diesel fitter, Anthony is looking forward to a long and well-deserved holiday. He also plans to tour the great Australian outback at the end of this year in his brand new caravan.

*Name changed to maintain winner’s anonymity.

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