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Our Lottery 166 Winner

Lottery 166 Winner

Lottery 166 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Templestowe, Victoria | Total Prize Amount $655,000

Scott* our Lottery 166 winner always receives phone calls on his commute home from work. Usually, he ignores them but having just purchased a new handsfree car speakerphone he decided to give it a try. Lucky he did because we were calling to tell him he had just WON our $600,000 1st Prize, plus the $55,000 Book Buyers Prize.

“A polite young chap called and asked me for additional support. He said my extra ticket purchase was helping expand the Hear for Kids program and I just thought, why not! I bought a second $100 book and thought nothing of it. Luckily he called because if he hadn’t I wouldn’t be $655,000 richer!”

Scott and his wife have been supporting us as VIP members since 2016 and decided to choose our Mortgage Buster Option. They treated themselves to a new Audi Q2 and BMW 4 Series Coupe and will be spending the remaining $530,000 on a long overdue European holiday with their three children.

*Name changed to maintain winner’s anonymity.

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