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Our Lottery 168 Winner

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Lottery 168 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Alpha, Queensland  | Total Prize Amount $685,000

Lottery 168 Winners Jenn and Tony* were beside themselves after receiving the news they had won $685,000 (including a bonus $35,000 Book Buyer Prize!). When we asked Jenn what she was going to do with the windfall, her response was simple.

“We own a farm in rural Queensland, about six hours away from our home,” she explains. “Between supply runs and visiting my family on the coast, I can drive up to 21 hours a week. It just makes sense to invest our winnings in a reliable new car.”

Jenn explained that the decision to support Deaf Services through The Deaf Lottery was an easy one.

“We started supporting the Deaf Lottery when our first daughter was born,” she says. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would win 1st Prize! We are so grateful that we have had this opportunity and can also give back to the Deaf and hard of hearing community.”

Opting to take our Mortgage Buster Option, Jenn and Tony are now enjoying a new Holden Colorado 4×4 Dual Cab Ute, plus $635,000 left over to invest in their farm.

Imagine if you WON our next Lottery – how would you spend your winnings?

*Names changed to maintain winner’s anonymity.

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