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Our Lottery 170 Winner

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Lottery 170 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Upper Coomera, Queensland| Total Prize Amount $685,000

‘I just wanted to help everyone.’ These heart-warming words were what led Lisa* down the path to her $650,000 Lottery WIN. But that’s not all! On top of The Deaf Lottery Australia’s alluring 1st Prize, Lisa also scored an additional $35,000 Gold Bullion as a $50 Book Buyer.

To plenty of people, winning $685,000 in Prizes would be unimaginable. To Lisa, it was unbelievable! After we spilled the beans, all our Lottery 170 winner could think to say was, ‘Is this a wind up? Is this my husband?’

After being assured it was the real deal, the stunned nurse couldn’t believe her luck. Lisa has been supporting The Deaf Lottery Australia for a number of years, with the cause sitting very close to her own heart.

‘The reason I do this is because my daughter is Deaf and she wears a hearing aid. She struggled during primary school, but has been helped so much by the support available. I continue to support this because of her.’

Lisa and her husband are now the proud owners of a new Toyota Prado VX. With the remaining Prize value taken in Gold Bullion, the door has been opened to a well-deserved family holiday.

‘We have just saved enough money to send my daughter to England to see her grandparents. She doesn’t get to see them often. Maybe now we will all go over!’

While Lisa scored 1st Prize, she wasn’t the only supporter with a smile on their face! Another 179 participants walked away with minor Prizes in this Lottery!

*Name changed to maintain winner’s anonymity.

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