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Our Lottery 172 Winner

Lottery 172 Winner

Lottery 172 | Mortgage Buster Prize Choice | Hendra, Queensland | Total Prize Amount $665,000

Some things are worth the wait. After a handful of missed calls, we finally managed to contact Mary* from Hendra with the news of a lifetime.

As our 1st Prize winner, Mary had won a mind-blowing $650,000 1st Prize. On top of that, her $20 ticket purchase led to an additional $15,000 Book Buyer Prize. That’s a total of $665,000 in Prizes!

‘You’ve just made my Thursday. Actually, I think you’ve made my life,’ she told us after the initial shock. ‘I’m speechless. You have a lifelong supporter of the Deaf Lottery.’

To add to the excitement, Mary had taken the winning phone call in front of her entire office. Among excited whispers in the background, she told us, ‘I tell you what, I’ve got a good reason to be missing my three o’clock meeting!’

After surprising her husband with the news, our winner has a brand new car on the way and extra spending money for the future.

Keep your eyes on the Prize: Mary wasn’t the only one to WIN in Draw 172! Another 179 Supporters took home Prizes in this Lottery. Remember: with over 100 Prizes to be won in each Draw, you can enjoy More Prizes and More Choice with every ticket.

*Name changed to maintain winner’s anonymity.

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