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Our Lottery 173 Winner

Lottery 173 Winner

Lottery 173 | Capalaba, Queensland | Total Prize Amount $665,000

Many of us screen our phone calls (especially with unusual numbers), and our Lottery 173 1st Prize winner was no exception! After a few false starts, Jillian* from Capalaba finally received our call – and some life-changing news.

As the Major Draw winner, Jillian had won a mind-blowing $650,000 1st Prize. Plus, thanks to her $20 ticket book, she was able to take home an extra $15,000. That’s a total Prize Pool of $665,000!

‘Oh my god, my heart’s just pounding. You’ve made my day,’ she managed to say, once the news had sunk in. ‘I’m sitting in the meeting room right now with my co-workers listening. I can’t believe it.’

Jillian revealed that she had seven weeks of long service leave approaching – and now, thanks to The Deaf Lottery, her options are wide open.

‘Where am I going to go?’ she exclaimed.

On top of Jillian’s ground-breaking WIN, 179 other Supporters also won a Prize in Draw 173. Don’t forget: by supporting The Deaf Lottery Australia, you can enjoy More Prizes and More Choice with every ticket!

*Name changed to maintain winner’s anonymity.

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