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Our Lottery 175 Winner

Lottery 175 Winner

Lottery 175 | Garvoc, Victoria | Total Prize Amount $715,000

Just days before Christmas, Mary* received the call of a lifetime. After we broke the news over the phone, her first response was, ‘I think I need to sit down.’

As the Major Draw winner of Lottery 175, Mary has won our $700,000 1st Prize. Plus, thanks to her $20 ticket book, she will receive an extra $15,000 in Gold Bullion. That’s a total of $715,000 in Prizes!

Mary has been a supporter for nearly ten years, but the chance of winning was at the back of her mind.

‘I thought of it as a donation to a good cause,’ she said. ‘I’m shaking.’

By the end of the call, Mary was already mulling over her 1st Prize Choice. As our winner, she has the envious task of deciding on a brand new home, car, motorhome, or creating her own Prize package from a range of options.

199 other Supporters became winners in Draw 175, with $154,700 in Prizes drawn after our 1st Prize. Supporters will take home Prizes valued at anywhere between $150, right up to $20,000.

The full list of results can be viewed on our Winners page – or, for tickets in the latest Draw, you can order online.

*Names changed to maintain anonymity.

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