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Our Lottery 178 Winner

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Ticket number 0757928 | Carseldine 4034 | Total Prize Amount $705,000

It’s hard to get a sense of someone’s character in just five minutes, but that was all it took when talking to our Lottery 178 1st Prize Winner this morning.

With ticket number 0757928, Lou* from Carseldine (4034) won a Total 1st Prize of $705,000, and received the call while at work. As is often the case, we had to first assure Lou that the call was real.

“I’m a joker myself,” he told us. “I say to my partner every time I buy tickets that one of them will be the winning one. This is just fantastic!”

Lou has been a ticket buyer since 2016, and became a $20 Ticket Book VIP Supporter a year later. His extra support means he now has a bonus $5000 to play with!

Lou told us he had one last job to attend to before celebrating, but also admitted to not much feeling like working for the rest of the day.

“I can’t wait to call my partner,” Lou said. “She’s volunteering at the school tuckshop today. She won’t believe me!”

Lou told us that he and his partner are foster carers, and said that while he had not yet decided what 1st prize option he would choose, his win would allow him to pass on his luck to others.

“This will make our lives so much easier,” Lou said. “And it will mean we can help more kids.”

He said he had a feeling he was going to win The Lotto but that this was “so much better.”

“Whenever my friends have a few bucks,” Lou said, “and they ask me who they should donate to, I always point them to Deaf Services and your amazing work.”

The whole room clapped hearing Lou’s words. Some may say our phone call made Lou’s day. We would argue he has more than made ours.

We contact all our winners to share the good news and you can also find a full list of results on the Winners’ Page of The Deaf Lottery Australia website.

*Names changed to maintain anonymity.

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