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Our Lottery 180 Winner

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Ticket Number: 0367021 | Bracken Ridge 4017| Total Prize Amount $760,000

The phone rang again. And again. We were a little worried. If you’ve read our most recent Winner’s story, you’ll understand why…

Sally*, our very deserving Lottery 180 winner, didn’t pick up her phone the first two times we tried.

Eventually, she answered.

“I’m so sorry,” were her first words, “I’m afraid can’t afford to buy any more tickets.”

Little did Sally know that on the other end of the line was Deaf Services Executive General Manager Maree Brown, and that surrounding the phone was an excited collection of Deaf Services staff, for whom this call was the culmination of the hard work of a Lottery campaign.

“You may want to hear what I have to say,” said Maree, smiling. “You have just won 1st Prize in The Deaf Lottery.”

Making the winning call!

Clearly in shock, Sally called a workmate over who joined her on the call, and made sure she was sitting down.

“I’m gobsmacked,” said Sally, once she admitted to herself that the call was real. “I can’t even comprehend what’s happening right now. I can’t stop crying. They’re happy tears!”

Sally has been a Deaf Lottery supporter for nearly 20 years, becoming a $30 VIP Club Member in 2018 (a decision that delivered her an extra $10,000 Book Buyer’s Prize!).

After recovering, Sally explained that her win couldn’t have come at a better time.

“I’m about to become a grandma,” she said. “The timing is beyond amazing.”

$760,000 is a wonderful way to welcome a new grandchild.

“I buy tickets in the Deaf Lottery because of the choice of prizes. It allows you to choose something that fits with exactly where you are in your life.”

Sally and her husband are in the midst of cleaning out their house to accommodate family, and were due to hold a large garage sale on Saturday to raise some extra funds. The next person she planned to call was her husband, who she said she would now “maybe allow” to keep a few items he was reluctant to part with…

As part of a busy weekend ahead, Sally and her extended family had already planned a Father’s Day get-together on Sunday. Now that gathering will be even more special.

Sally told us she was getting her hair done tonight, and joked that with her extra money she could now “afford to get the greys covered up!”

The pain of cleaning up is made a little easier after a big Deaf Lottery win!

Sally says she is yet to decide what 1st Prize option to take, but said “stopping crying with happiness would be a good starting point!”

We look forward to working with Sally to organise delivery of her 1st Prize, and to share more in the story of her and her family.

“I’m so glad I finally answered your call,” Sally said.

All of us at Deaf Services are certainly glad she did, too.

*Name changed to maintain anonymity

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