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Our Lottery 181 Winner!

Lottery Blog Preview Images August 6

Ticket Number: 0097112| Bennett Springs 6063| Total Prize Amount $755,000

“I never thought something like this would happen for us.”

Shannon, our Lottery 181 1st Prize Winner from Perth, was driving from hospital when we surprised her on her speakerphone with the call informing her she had just become $755,000 richer.

“It hasn’t been a great week,” admitted Shannon. “But this makes it so much better. I’m in shock. It’s just incredible!”

Shannon had just completed a CT scan for a troublesome back. The pain had recently sent her to the Emergency department, and meant she had been off work for two days. What made it worse was that it was her own business suffering.

“My husband and I run a transport business and both work full time. We’ve only just finished paying off a major part of that, so this will mean the absolute world to us.”

Shannon bought her tickets from a Deaf Services display in a shopping centre, and said because has Deaf friends, she was happy to support a cause close to her heart. It was her eldest son, however, who really pushed her enter the Deaf Lottery.

“He’s 14, so he’s obsessed with cars,” Shannon said, “and when he saw the car in the shopping centre next to the people selling tickets, he said Mum, we have to enter! I joked about winning the car at the time but never thought it would happen.”

Shannon’s younger son, nearly 12, she describes as a little thinker, whose selflessness so often touches her.

“He knows we don’t have a lot of money at the moment and if we’re ever in the situation to give him something he so often says don’t worry Mum, I don’t need that right now. We’ll get it later. It will be amazing to be able to tell him we have won this prize.”

“To have this chance to reshape our future come from $20 to support a good cause is just amazing. I never thought something like this would happen for us.”

While Shannon admitted the painkillers she was on for her back would mean she couldn’t break open the champagne straight away, she said it would be flowing freely soon.

From all of us at Deaf Services, congratulations to Shannon, and we can’t wait to find out what this incredible win will mean to her and her family

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