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Rob’s Amazing Easter Present

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Ticket Number: 1474437| Location: Peterborough SA 5422 | Winnings: $805,000

Calling our Lottery winners is always a special moment, but this one was one of the very best ..

“Get out of here!” 

This was the first reaction of Rob*, our Deaf Lottery 191 Major Draw Winner, when Head of Sales Alex Fisher called him to tell him he’d just won $800,000.

When he recovered from the shock, Rob told Alex, “this is the best Easter present ever!”

The best, however, was yet to come …  as a loyal Deaf Lottery VIP, Rob also received a bonus $5000, taking his total winnings to a massive $805,000. 

Also, little did Rob know that sitting around Alex were all Deaf Services and the Deaf Society service managers from across the country, meeting together for the first time face-to-face at a planning retreat. They all gave a rousing cheer when Alex shared the news.

“I’m 71 and on a pension,” Rob shared, “so I count every dollar. I might not have much of my life left, but I tell you what I can have a bit of fun with it now!”

Rob only recently finished up work as an interstate truck driver after 47 years, and said he was ready for a good holiday, as well as the chance to round up his family from around Australia for a well-deserved celebration!

“Your brochure is here on my fridge,” Rob said. “I play a few lotteries and of course you hope you’ll win, but you never actually dream you will. This is an absolute dream come true!”

We would like to wish Rob and his family all the very best for the future, and thank him once again for supporting Deaf and hard of hearing Australians through The Deaf Lottery.

*Name changed to protect anonymity

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