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Shop, Stop and Win!

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Ticket Number 0826530 | Mount Colah NSW 2079 | Total Prize: $2000

A chance encounter for Carolyn while out shopping led to a $2000 Deaf Lottery prize!

After doing some last-minute shopping at Hornsby Westfield Shopping Centre, Carolyn happened to see a Deaf Services display as she was heading out of the supermarket. She began chatting to one of our sales agents about the work Deaf Services does in the Deaf community.

“This was the first time I had heard of Deaf Services and the Deaf Lottery,” Carolyn says, “but I was happy to support the cause as both my husband and I wear hearing aids.”

Carolyn bought a book of tickets and thought no more about it until she was sitting at home some weeks later. She was checking her emails when she found out she had won 5th Prize in Deaf Lottery 180, and was suddenly $2000 richer!

“I was extremely surprised,” Carolyn remembers. “I felt so thankful when I found out and shared the news with my family.”

Carolyn, and Environmental Scientist and Planner, has been married to her husband for nearly 29 years, with two adult children, and says she will use her winnings to pay off some bills, with a little left over for a family Christmas holiday.

We wish Carolyn and her family all the best, and thank her for supporting the work of Deaf Services through The Deaf Lottery.

Remember: if you see us in a shopping centre near you, it pays to stop and chat!

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