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Steve and Marissa Build Their Future

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Steve and Marissa are building their dream home after winning Deaf Lottery 188!

Many of you will remember Steve from our previous story, who didn’t let the amazing news he’d just won $810,000 impede his valuable work as a roadside mechanic. Now he’s had some time to reflect, we were excited to learn what Steve and his wife planned to do with the prize, and how their lives had changed.

“When I got the call from Craig (McDonald, Deaf Services COO) I was on my way to fit a car battery,” Steve remembers. “I had to pull over and ask him to repeat himself, as my first instinct was it was a scam! The more I spoke to Craig, the more real it sounded and my next thought was I need to call the missus!”

Happy couple

“Life goes on as before, but we’re safe in the knowledge that we will be financially secure for life.”

Steve completed his job (ever the hard worker!) and immediately googled the Deaf Lottery, found the winners page and saw his postcode listed as the 1st Prize winner.

“I called my wife Marissa at work and calmly told her we’d just won $810,000. It took me a good few minutes to convince her I was serious!”

Steve and Marissa went out to dinner that night to talk about which amazing prize option they would take, and who they would share their news with. They soon agreed not to keep it a secret as they didn’t want to mislead their friends and wanted their two teenage sons to be able to celebrate their happiness.

Happy couple cooking

As a Deaf Lottery VIP, Steve took home a bonus $10,000!

As for the prize option? They both knew straight away.

“The value of this prize is truly life-changing and the decision came quickly. We’ve both always dreamed about living in a brand new house, and it was an easy decision to take the option to build our dream home.”

Steve worked with the Deaf Lottery Prize Team and our prize partner Metricon to begin the process, getting “the red carpet treatment” at Metricon’s Adelaide offices. Keen to stay in the vicinity of their current home, Steve and Marissa soon found the land and home design of their dreams.

Discover Metricon’s Studio M Inspiration Showroom

“Metricon were extremely flexible around helping us find a design to suit our needs,” says Steve. “We ended up with a fantastic corner plot overlooking a golf course five minutes from the beach. I made sure to get an area for my tools, and Marissa gets a walk-in closet!”

While waiting for the build process, Steve says he intends to enjoy the security his big win has brought to his family.

“For now, life goes on as before, but we’re safe in the knowledge that we will be financially secure for life, living mortgage free in our dream house!”

House interior

Steve will soon be relaxing in his new Metricon home!

Steve bought Deaf Lottery tickets after seeing a Facebook post featuring an unusual caravan, but says what really convinced him was the cause behind the prize.

“I was intrigued by the caravan, but I soon realised it was a worthy cause. I thought I may win a small prize at some point but really I was happy to contribute.” 

Steve’s decision to become a Deaf Lottery VIP meant he took home a bonus $10,000, which Steve says is just another bonus.

“We cannot express how grateful and excited we are for winning this prize. It really is a dream come true. We’ve vowed to contribute towards chosen charities every year, and of course Deaf Services and the Deaf Society will be at the top of the list.”

From everyone at The Deaf Lottery, we would like to wish Steve, Marissa and their family all the very best for the future, and we can’t wait to see their new house built.

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