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“This win will help me in so many ways…”

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Ticket Number: 0179953 | Marion SA 5043 | Total Prize: $2000

Becca* from South Australia, our Lottery 179 5th Prize Winner, tells us that her win will help her “in so many ways”. Read more about this very deserving winner…

“When the money hit my bank I said Yay, now I believe it!. I was on my way home to meet my son when I opened the email to receive the wonderful news that I had won. I was so excited! 

This $2000 helps me in so many ways. I am the sole worker at home and work six days a week as a Disability Carer to make ends meet. This gives me a bit of breathing space and will enable me to have a bit to fall back on in these hard times everyone faces.

I donate to and buy as many tickets to support worthy organisations such as The Deaf Lottery as I can. Thank you kindly. It is still a dream that I have actually won something.”

*Name changed to protect anonymity

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