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“We Take Care of Each Other…”

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Ticket Number 0221363 | Pine Mountain QLD 4306 | Total Prize: $5000

We are continually touched by the generosity of our supporters, who are often facing their own hardships but continue to support us through Deaf Lottery ticket purchases. Deborah, our Lottery 179 2nd Prize winner, was so generous with the story, that we thought we’d let her tell it in her own words…

“The win was completely unexpected. I was checking my emails when I came across the one saying I was a Winner. I had to call The Deaf Lottery to confirm it wasn’t a scam!

I’ve been with The Deaf Lottery since 2014. I became a VIP so I didn’t miss out on the draws. I never expected to win anything; I always thought of it as a donation. My sister also does the same.

I gave up work seven years ago to help my mum, Desley, take care of my dad, Alfred, who was Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Not being married and with no kids, I sold my home and moved back with my parents so I was here.

Dad passed in February. It was a very hard time for us. It was made worse when dad’s health insurance refused to pay his full death benefits. Dad donated his body to the university, so the funeral costs weren’t as steep, but we still had to borrow money from family.

The money I won has been a godsend. We’ve finished paying our debts and have some left over to pay for upcoming bills. We also used it to have a little holiday. I still live with mum as neither her health nor mine is the best. We take care of each other. 

We will continue to support The Deaf Lottery as we believe it makes a difference to people’s lives.” 

We would like to thank Deborah for sharing her story with us, and for being a shining example of what it means to truly look after those around us.

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