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Wendy’s Story

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On the day Wendy*, our Lottery 182 1st Prize Winner, took the call from The Deaf Lottery learning her life was about to change, she was already in the midst of a significant upheaval …

It was Wendy’s final day at her then-workplace, after making the decision to go full time in her own business. It was also the day she won $870,000**!

“I was so stressed at the time,” Wendy remembers. “I had just refinanced to renovate my own office space. When I found out I’d won all this money, my first reaction was just to be even more stressed!”

Wendy was just about to go out to lunch with her workmates when she received the news. Needless to say, she shouted them all a meal.

Thankfully now, Wendy has had time to process her win!

After the winning phone call, the lunch was on Wendy!

We were so pleased to learn Wendy has loyally supported The Deaf Lottery since 2003. We were even more pleased to learn that because she was a $50 VIP Club Member throughout this time, she got to add $20,000 in Gold Bullion to her prize!

Wendy chose the Mortgage Buster Prize Option, with her eye on a brand new car from Mackay City Ford.

“I’ve chosen a fun colour, so I hope I won’t stand out too much,” she tells us.

Some of her winnings have already gone to her children,  Another portion is going to a new house, which Wendy says will be something of an upgrade from her current quarters.

“I tried to build about ten years ago but the bank refused,” she says. “I’ve got a builder lined up now to build a house. I’m pretty happy for the change!”

Wendy is looking forward to hitting the road with her brand new car!

Wendy has wisely spent time taking stock of what her win means, and has thought carefully and realistically about who to share the news with, and how best to manage her windfall.

“I’ve done it tough on my own for some time,” she says. “It’s been a lot of hard yards, but I’ve done well for myself off my own bat. Everything I own I’ve earned. Money doesn’t last, so you have to be smart about it.”

She admits to worrying she will over-correct her behaviour when it comes to spending, but talking to Wendy for only a few minutes, by listening to her story, it’s clear that she is not someone who ever rests on their laurels.

“I used to think about people who were debt free,” Wendy says. “People who had somehow paid off their mortgage. I really thought I’ll never be like that. Now I have the opportunity to experience it. I just want to make sure I make the most of this opportunity. This win is just fantastic.”

“This win is just fantastic!”

It’s amazing to think that a decision made so long ago could pay off so handsomely.

“My daughter was only young,” Wendy remembers, “and she was pushing me to donate to a charity. I started looking for someone to support and I came across Deaf Services. I thought this is it! I’m certainly glad I chose you.”

We’re glad that the prize has gone to such a deserving home. We wish Wendy and her family every success.

*Name changed to protect anonymity.

** As a Deaf Lottery VIP, Wendy’s prize included a $20,000 Book Buyer’s Prize

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